Friday, February 22, 2013


Hi! I am, alive again, yes! :) I'm enjoying my last rest day for the week, Thank you God for giving me a bed weather for my restday! lol, Hoping that rain would go away tomorrow evening for i have to go back to work, mehehe. Been lazy the whole day, can't even get up, seems like my bed is hugging me and doesn't want to let me go trololol. Thank you to my phone for i still can browse the internet while the bed is eating me!

Speaking of phone, Have you guys heard about the Nokia Lumia series?

Nokia 920 || Nokia Lumia 820 || Nokia Lumia 620

The phone is powered by 'Windows 8' so if your desktop is currently running with windows 8 then you know how the phone interface looks like. Uh-huh, It has Live Tiles.

Live tiles,  gives you instant access to your applications/contacts on your homescreen. Cool huh?

It also has Nokia Smart shoot which let's you take a series of photos with just a single click. Yes, just perfect for a camera whore like me :) And for mom's like me  who has very makulit toddlers that won't stay still during picture time :D

And my favorite, NOKIA CITY LENS.

City Lens uses your phone’s camera display to reveal the best shops, restaurants, and points of interest as virtual signs overlaid on the buildings right in front of you, so you instantly see what’s there. Simply tap a place’s icon to see more information, get directions, or share it with friends—all within the camera viewer.

My other favorite would have to be it's capability of being charged wirelessly! All you need to do is to just put the phone on its plate to boost the battery, And voila! 

And last but not the least, Business persons, and even students would really find this very useful. The phone comes with full versions of MS Office, Outlook adn Internet Explorer 10. So that means that You'd be able to create and edit MS Powerpoint, Excel and Word documents when you're not at home yet, Out with friends,  and or when you're stuck on a heavy traffic jam! :) No excuses then for late projects or presentation! :D


Now that we know what Nokia Lumia 920, 820 and 620 has to offer, Next question would be the best place where you can buy this. hmmm. Here's a place that I can recommend! :)

500/mo for 0% interest

Don't know the nearest Abenson in your area?


Bye!, Would be enjoying the bed weather for now! :')

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