Friday, March 29, 2013

Restday is 'being a mom day'

Goodevening from Manila, Ph! :)
How are you guys doing?

I currently feel like a superwoman right now, because I have 2 jobs. Both full-time. I work 9 hours, 5 days a week as a Technical Support for an international CCTV camera, and the rest of the day, I am a full-time mom. ;) Yesterday and Today is my restday, So I get to spend every bits of my restday as a mom. We currently live together with the hubby's family, we have our own room, and this serves as our mini-house. Every now and then, Specially on my rest days (When I don't feel like bumming around and sleeping, lol), I'd clean and organize stuffs inside the room, I like moving things around as well, Specially after back reading the blogs I follow about organizing. I envy them. Can't really wait to have our own pad! Anyhoos, to cut the long story short, I spent my restdays being a mother and cleaning. On day 1, I did the laundry, and cleaned, but since Brhent is on his terrible 4 I was not able to finish folding the clothes and organizing the drawers and the Cabinet, So I had to do it on Day 2. Day 2 is far more successful than Day 1 because Brhent went out with his lola (Grandma) so I had all the time in the world to clean. I finished right before the son is home. This is now how our room looks like ;)

Now that it's clean, It feels more presko, But I still can't wait 
to have our own pad! Something I can call my own, Something more spacious. Looking at our room now makes me want to sleep, So I'd hit the road to dreanm land! Till next blog post :)

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