Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Hello people! As you might have noticed, The blog layout's changed again. Thank you to my walang kasawaang pag ti-tweak attitude. I've just seen this color palette on a magazine article and It was love at first sight. This is so gonna be my summer and wedding color! Don't you just love the orange blue color combination? Anyways, Nothing new about me. I spent the whole week working, instagramming, facebooking and sleeping. Went on food feast at the office (Because everyone just loves to eat there, and I'm wondering on when I'd gain weight, Cause so far, It's just my mouth that's getting big. loljk) and yes, I went out of town because we had a team building! :) Let me just share everything through pictures, Yeah?

That is what happened on our team building, lol. If only you guys were there, You would not want to hear the word laugh ever. We all can't breathe because of too much laughing.. I think everyone's stomach and jaw exploded. lol. Happiest team building that I ever experienced in my 4 years in the BPO world. wahahaha.

Here are some of the pictures i posted in instagram :) very memorable one was the 4th picture. It's a collage of me before I go to work, and me after I walked all the way up from ground to the 14th floor because there was no electricity. HUHUHUHU. It still hunts me in my sleep. T________T

And these are some of the positive quotes I post on my instagram, To add 'Good' on my and everyone's Morning! 

Hoping I'd be able to share stories later! I'll be picking up my son in a few! Love, Love! Happy Friday everyone!

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