Sunday, June 2, 2013


I'm a self confessed 'One Day Millionare'. I have problems with the word "Budget" and "Saving Money", Which makes me the the last person on your list (Or I might not be on anyone's list) If you're going to ask for  advice on HOW TO SAVE MONEY, and nerrrrp, I ain't proud of it.

Just last week, a message punched me in the face. I was reminded that I'm a mom, It's June, Brhent would be going back to school, and that someone needs to pay for his school needs and tuition fee. *Facepalm* So now I bid farewell on all "My Wants" and focus on "Our Needs".

I've pinterested ways on how other mommies organize their family budget and to look for techniques, and this is the method I've chosen:

It's the "CASH ENVELOPE SYSTEM" it's a good start because it doesn't doesn't force you not to buy things, but it reminds you of how much you can only spend on either a need or a want, It also keeps you on track on where your money goes.

* Create my own version of cash envelopes
* List down monthly payables
*Create a tracker 


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