Saturday, August 17, 2013

A piece of Kish shop update: Blog Planner and Password Log

A business should always be organized, and an organized business, for me, means it's well planned. Reason why It takes too long before I open A piece of Kish Shop. I don't want to rush things now. I know that I should open it ASAP because it can help me financially, but this time I just don't want to jump and wish that the water ain't too deep and that I won't forget how to swim. I want to jump when I know how deep the water is. Ayoko na ng "Bahala na". Oops, I hope I'm not making this long, Enough with this explaining thing, and let me show you something ;)

 I just want to share it with you guys, specially for those who are planning to put up a small business. Got the idea from a picture I found on google (Sorry wasn't able to get the link T_T) Had it printed on a bond paper. Each sheet's dimension is 5in (Width) x 7in (Height). Here's how it looks like:

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