Friday, February 1, 2013


** This is a post i made yesterday, Wasn't able to post it because i felt so lazy and sleepy so i just saved it on my pc and decided to just have it posted today :)

Dear reader,

I don't know what date is it on your end but it's the first day of february 2013 here from MNL. I started my February 2013 by cleaning the room and disposing some of the craft materials that would be of no use and I felt very productive. I am not just planning to be productive starting this month. I'm also planning to be more Responsible, 'cause i fail on organization on everything; On my craft supplies, personal things, and time.

So yeah, to start my February right, I cleaned the room. Though i cannot organize my craft supplies yet because I'm still busy with all the party planning for my son's birthday which would be next Sunday, February 10 {To excited to share this with you!}, But I'm planning to have it organized by next next week {either on valentine's day or maybe the day after..}

List of things to do for this month!

Feb 1 - Feb 10 :

- List things to do for Brhent's Bday
- Budget salary for Brhent's bday expenses
- What to buy , Food Menu
- Pay Brhent's Monthly tuition
- List people to invite
- Create props, party invites

Feb 11 - 13: Work, Do not be late. Don't be absent.

Feb 14 & Feb 15
- Blog to inspire, Love month.
- Organize Craft Supplies
- Blog about ^

Feb 16 - 20: Work, Do not be late! & Don't be absent :)

Feb 21 & Feb 22
- Buy clothes
- Relax
- Family time
- Craft Idea, Share positive thoughts

Feb 23 - 27: Work hard hard hard! :) No lates and absents! :)

Feb 28:
- Blog.

I also found and used the magic of Microsoft One note. Just something i would use temporarily while i still haven't made the planner that I've been planning to create.

This works as a virtual planner, and is very very easy to use. Something i recommend for those bloggers that features or gets ideas from pictures on other blogs for you can  just copy and paste the picture on one of the tabs and links would be saved automatically! Less use of those ctrl c's and ctrl v's! :D

Anyways, that's all for today!

Mind sharing how you guys manage your time?
 I would totally appreciate if you guys would leave a comment for suggestions! :)

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