Monday, March 11, 2013


Just a quick post before I go to sleep. 
This is my first OOTD post for my blog, Which i think i would be doing alot from now. I mixed it with my chibi drawings. I hope you guys find it cute ;)

This is what i wore March 11 of 2013. My day starts at night time, opposite of those normal people. We're allowed to wear any clothes we feel comfortable wearing. This is just one of the perks of being with the company i'm in right now. You can wear anything you feel like wearing xD (But of course, it still needs to be pleasant to the eyes.. lol)

Cardigan and Paw print polo, Thrifted, Maong Pants & Shoes, Local Store (Riverbanks, Marikina), Backpack, Cose

My style? Laid back boyish slash childish clothes. Cause I act and sit and move like a boss ye know? Haha. So they often ask me if I'm tomboy. I'm not, okay? lol.

Anyhoos, I didn't abuse my phone's camera today because I just don't feel like it. But here are some pictures we took before we go home:

Crazy. I look so crazy. And look at my pimples. They're growing. Will someone please teach them family planning? They've multiplied in just a span of 2 days! Isn't that amazing?!

Tuesday may have already started for you guys, but in my world, I'm just ending my Monday for this week. And before I go to sleep, Here's a little realization:
People would be there for us. And hugs are really powerful when you're down. A hug from my boss earlier made me feel like  someone understands and is willing to be there on my darkest days. That it's normal to be down for a while but it's also up to you if you would want to lift yourself and start all over again.


Goodnight to me and Good afternoon normal people!

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