Thursday, March 7, 2013


I remembered blogging way way back highschool days. I blogged about my love life, Funny that i blogged about adam and I's relationship. I do blog before just to say the things i can't say to anyone. I don't give out my blog site before, I haven't shared it to anyone, and i know that it's still alive somewhere out there and i just wish people won't look for it cause it's really very corny, lols. Then I stopped blogging, but i still read blogs. Then tadahhhhhhhhhh, I found Nuffnang. And i started blogging again. This time about random stuffs. About the things i do, The things i recommend and the things that i hate. I also started joining blog contests, from nuffnang, of course ;).  I remembered winning my first blog contest from nuffnang, I won premiere tickets for Cowboy's vs Aliens (Gateway) sponsored by Pizza Hut, and due to work commitments I wasn't able to come but they allowed me to give my tickets to my aunts. Then, I won The premiere of The bourne legacy (Shangrila Cineplex) Sponsored by Mandaue Foam  and they flooded my tummy with lots of yummy foods, plus it's shangrila, so the movie house is awesomesauce :D Sad part was just this month, I joined and won Jack and the Giant Slayer premiere, but I wasn't able to receive an email notification that I won :( I just saw my name posted on the website 2 days ago after the premiere :( But, Like what they said, Kapag nga naman may nawala, may kapalit  Cause I received an email saying that I won a ticket for 2 for the premiere of the OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL! :) Yey!

Would update you guys about what happened on my next blog post :) Would be watching with the hubby tonight ;) Expect to be insta-flooded with pictures! So follow me on twitter!

Thanks to Nuffnang, Abenson and Nokia (Nokia Lumia)!

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