Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Kojie.San Soap x Kojie.San Cleanser+Toner

I've never had problems with pimples before, Whenever one decides to show up somewhere on my face (Normally on the side of my nose, ouch!), It would just be gone within a week.. But now? I don't know if I'm just stressed, I don't know if it's the lack of sleep or They just loved my face they decided to stay, But my face is currently on emergency mode, it now lacks space for new pimples (exaggerated much?) lol. I don't know what happened but I know it's not the hygiene since I clean my face before I hit dreamland, And it ain't because of make-up since i don't use one. hihihi. And this must stop. They shall leave, Asap!

So after months and months and months of being on night shift, I decided to choose and be placed on a morning shift.. Even if it means traffic.. ALL FOR THE FACE and sleep :D Hihi. They said that lack of sleep can really trigger pimples to stay and party all day, all night. My boss also recommended that I use the Soap he's using, So i rushed my ass off to watson's and bought the KOJIE.SAN Skin lightening Soap, and since it's payday, and I'm ever so eager to wash this pimples off my face, I also bought the KOJIE.SAN Cleanser+Toner.


I'm really not after the whitening effect cause I'm not morena and I'm not the maputing tisay type (cause I'm Puting, Maputla which is the lack of blood like pale lol) aswell, I have the saktong puti Skin hahaha. But yeah, I'mma try this anyways because my boss says so. loljk, Yah, because my boss and Blogs I've read said that It really is very effective. All for shoo-ing all these pimples away.

I like how it smells. I thought It's like those typical orange papaya soap, but it isn't. I like how my skin feels after I use it. It feels softer and more makinis. :D It's a good buy for just 50 bucks, And it's 2 for 50 bucks btw. I just suggest that you drain the water after and put it on a dry container, Kasi madali talaga syang matunaw. Been using it for 2 days, And I feel like eto na talaga yun. Mag bye na talaga ako sa pimples. Hihihi.


I like how it smells. It doesn't spell matapang at all and It doesn't have that hot feeling, not like other toners. It feels really mild and it has this soothing and refreshing feeling after using it.

I just used both products for 2 days so I can't really say If it really is working. I just have this strong feeling that It would. Would be blogging about these products again maybe by next month. :)


  1. Can u pls update me if kojie san really worked?? And what effects did you see?? :) i have been infected with pimples for about 2 months now. I am desperate for a solution :))))

    1. Hi sis! I actually did made a follow up review, but yes, it worked for me. :) thanks for reading!
      Here's the link!