Thursday, May 16, 2013

1 month to go!

1 month to go before Brhent goes back to School! He'll be in Kinder this coming school year, and I'm just so excited for him. I wanted to be more organize this coming school year. I know, I won't be with him most of the time because I have work, and he'll be staying with my Aunt, One of the Reason why I want to document every little thing he does at school. If you guys remember, I posted something about creating my very own version of Project life (>> Link here<<) made out of a 4x6 inches photo album. I decided to use that album as Brhent's Kindergarten Album.. It's just now that I have finalized about what to put in it, and what layout to use..

The album is a bit small, I don't want to make the pictures to small, and I don't want to put alot in 1 page cause it would look messy, So I decided to just put 3 pictures per page. This would have slots for notes, cards and pictures. :)

Project life uses this cards that are just so cool and artsy, So i decided to make one to for this album. Googled Kindergarten quotes and blaahs, and I came up with these cards! :)

I'll have those printed on a cardboard like paper. Would be making other designs some other day. I chose this color just because Brhent loves green (Blame, the Hulk!)

So far, this is just what I have. 
Would be updating you guys about this project! :)

Anyways,  For those mums and dad's out there, There would be a Back-to-School Bazaar at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1 this May 17-19, 2013.  :)

See you there!

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