Wednesday, May 15, 2013

'exkishme x a piece of kish'

I've been blogging since I was in High school. I used it as my online diary. I don't care who sees it, and most of the viewers that I got are strangers, cause I wasn't really aiming for viewers. I don't share it. All i wanted is to just post whatever I want to post.

I decided to go back to blogging. This time I wanted people to see my blog. I'm aiming for viewers. Cause I now, I don't just blog to post whatever I feel. I blog to inform, motivate, inspire and entertain people. :)


If you've been following my blog, you guys then know how many times I've changed my blog layout. From cotton candy colors, to plain, vintage and so on.. But now, I'm sticking to this. I've once again tweaked my blog's layout. This is now exkishme v2.0: "A piece of Kish".

1,000+ views! :)

I now have 1k+ views. Thanks! don't forget to grab a piece of motivation, inspiration, positivity and information and share it those who needs it! xx

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