Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I remember my colleague's skype status on skype before.. It says something like "If you don't have money, learn to diy!". I've been into diys since i was a child. I remember doing personalized notebooks made out of unused papers from my old notebooks, creating paper clothes for my paper dolls.. But not because of we don't have money but I just like everything DIY.. It's more personalized and everything just seems to be so me.. lol 

Anyways, Most of the mom blogs that I'm following is hooked up to this project life thing. For those who doesn't know what it is, well it looks like a scrapbook, but much more easier to do.. Well, It looks like a photo album and scrapbook in one.. Here's samples of Project Life i found on the blogs i follow:



(my favorite so far!)

I don't know if it's already available here in the Philippines, I've only seen one online seller from MNL that's about to sell one, and is just waiting because she ordered it from the US.. And honestly, I don't see myself buying it cause it's a bit pricey.. So since I love to DIY (though project life is already DIY!) I'd be creating my own Project life Using a Photo Album I have for ages now. lol.

It would kind of be a challenge for me because it only uses 4x6" sized pictures.
But just like what my 4 year old son says whenever he's having a hard time doing something:

I'll be doing this later. This would be my project for my rest day, Day 1. hihihihi.
And i'll be documenting every trial and error through pictures 
So i could share it to all of those DIY fans :)

And if I would be successful, then I'd try it using a bigger photo album 


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