Saturday, May 25, 2013

// Follow up on Kojie.San Review

My most read blogpost ever would be my first post about Kojie-San, Which made me think that you guys deserved to have a follow up review to know what happened and if it's really working. I was introduced to this soap by my manager who uses it. He recommended it to me because pimples started living into my face (lol) And he said that it really is working. And yes, It really does work. It dried out my pimples a week after I used it, and never grew back. Even my colleagues and friends that has not seen me for a month noticed that my skin became fairer, Sabe nga nila parang ang fresh lang! Hahahahahaha. Even my Aunts noticed the changes on my skin. I ran out of stock just last week, And even if i clean my face every effin' day, after work and before I go to bed, My long lost boarders (AKA PIMPLES) Grew back. Hanep!

And i don't want to be haunted with these nightmares again, So taaaaaaadaaaahhhhhhh!

And I hope that my face would live happily every after ulit :3

So to make the long story short, I recommend that you guys buy this soap, cause it really does work. It would make your skin fairer, Removes pimples and scars. There's this stinging sensation whenever you use it at times, And most likely this happens when you have a newly grown pimple or if the pimple is not yet dried, but what's best is your skin won't peel. naaaah ahhhh. So yeah, Have to go now cause I have work ;)

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