Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thank you and I love you, Ma!

Dear Mama,

I miss you a lot. Thank you because I know you're just around still doing your mommy duties. I feel it. You might not be here physically but you're very much alive in my heart. I may not be able to remember every single details of what you've done for me when you were still here cause I was too young, but there's still something I can remember -- all of them were good memories. Thank you for that gift you left inside the room, wish you were the one who handed it to me though. I love you so much ma. I love you very very very much.


My mom died 17 years ago. 2 days before Christmas. 3 months before I graduated Prep. I was 5 years old. I might be too young to remember every single detail, but I remember how caring she is. That she gives me pasalubong everyday, after work. I was her nene, her only girl.. Her angel.. I was not able to giver her gifts, I was not able to make mothers day, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Cards but I know that I made her proud when I graduated with honors and when I decided to keep my son, Brhent.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's out there! :)

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