Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Nuffnang has always been my savior. I love going out and watching movies, And during this "I'm already broke" moments, here they come, giving out contests, tickets or freebies. Won tickets after joining the Wear It Your Way with Wacoal contest. 'Twas supposed to be a surprise movie screening, But i just knew it would be Man of Steel, I don't know, Maybe I just have super powers, eh? lol. It was a ticket for 2, So guess who's my plus 1? Tadahhhhhhhhhhh, It's ze boyfriend! (As always, lol)

Dress: Jellybean
Socks & Shoes: St Francis SQ
Watch: Watchup

Top: F&H
Pants: Penshoppe
Shoes: Converse

'Twas our first time going to Resorts World, And we commuted from Marikina to Pasay, So we expected that we'd get lost or It's going to rain and We'd get stuck in traffic.. In short, We expected the worst since It really is far and the weather has not been cooperative for a week now (We we're kind of negative that day, so sorry, haha!) But naaaaaaah, Travel time was just an hour and a half, no traffic, Train was free (We forgot it's holiday) Mehehehe!

We arrived early, So after the registration, We went out and had a quick snack at Mcdo.

We went back around 8:30pm, just in time cause they're already starting to go inside the movie house :) There were free popcorns and colas waiting on everyone's seats. I also love how the cinema looks, Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, lol. Nuffnang and Wacoal then chose 10 bloggers who tweeted about the event, Price? 1 thousand pesos worth of GC from Wacoal :-) I was one of them, Yahoooooooo! 

Man of Steel is just awesome. I just don't like his chest hair. Hehehehe!
Overall, Nice event, Nice cinema, Nice movie = AWESOME DAY is AWESOME!

Again, Thanks to Nuffnang and Wacoal!
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