Friday, June 7, 2013


I'm a young mom. I got pregnant at 17, and gave birth at 18. I'm 22 now, and a mom for 4 years. My son's name is Brhent and everyday I learn new things. I'm always misunderstood and underestimated. I'm not asking for sympathy or whatever but yes, Some people think that I'm not doing well, but whatever, I'm doing my best and I'm trying to be the best,which is what's important. This is also the reason why I love reading Mommy blogs, and maybe this is why I've switched from Teen Fashion Magazines to Mommy Magazines. I've created a mommy blog months ago, and I haven't even touched it. I just don't know what to post, Or where to start, Or maybe I was just not that Inspired yet. But i think I'm ready to have it updated now.

Young Mommy Duties is a blog i created not to encourage teens to be a mom at an early stage but a blog to inform, inspire, moms, young moms, soon to be moms and soon to be young moms. This is also to have other people understand what it's like to be and what's going on inside the life of a young mom. I'd also be sharing stuffs i read on magazines, blogs or wherever.

The blog is still under construction, but feel free to follow it

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