Saturday, June 29, 2013


It's always nice to think ahead of time, think of possible outcomes on whatever stuff or scenarios, I don't know but the concept of over thinking is just like thinking out of the box. Well that makes over thinking positive, yes? And that's what I have, for years now. Possibly since  I was born. And it sometimes gives positive outcomes, but most of the time negative.

Hair Bun. #Selfie 

Maybe this is why I'm afraid of heights, of why I cry and think of what if someone dies or if i die (knock on a very very very strong wood) what would happen?, what if this, what if that. Over thinking limits me on what to do and what not to do. I enjoy less and I worry more. arrgh. This can also be the reason why I lack mind or thought or whatever organization, and this can also be the cause why I have a very very active imagination (Which helps me on my artworks, lol).

Yesterday's Outfit of the Day Picture: Thrifted Top, Cardigan from Oxygen (Bestfriend's property! lol) Knee high Socks and shoes bought at St. Francis Square #ootd

I'm writing this just because I was thinking of what to blog last night, so i took out a pen and a paper, and there's just so much things going inside my mind that I don't know what to write or how to start or what to put in next. The things that I'm writing goes so random that It gets pointless, It doesn't go else where, doesn't teach anyone else a lesson, it's meaning less, I don't know how to describe it anymore, that's how pointless it seems.

A random drawing last night just because I'm bored. It's kind of weird, but that's me and what's inside my brain. lol #apieceofkish

Today, I just thought of focusing on one thing at a time. If i'm doing this, then I should just be thinking of this. Just this. I don't know if i'd be able to do it, but since I'm on Oplan: Mind organization now then I SHOULD DO IT. I guess organization is the key to my Over thinking-ness (Oh my God, what now?, lol)

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