Friday, June 28, 2013


Let me start this post with a Goodmorning selfie! :) Hahaha.

If you're my facebook friend, you would know that by this time, my status would always be "Preparing for Work" Because number one, I have work on weekends, and two, My work is at 12nn (MNL). But my new schedule starts today, and I'll be at work at 3pm (MNL) and ends at Midnight. So yeah, expect that by this time, in the next few days, you'd see me posting a "Just woke up" status, lol.

  • Currently reading Hunger Game's 3rd book which is Mocking Jay, And I'm loving it so far. I'm excited with the second book (Catching Fire) which would be hitting the cinemas by November 22, but I'm also way to excited on how they'd put the 3rd book in movie, I know it would be awesomesauce because of the elevators and how District 13 would look like. Please don't disappoint the fans!
  • Yesterday, One of the softwares we use at the office isn't working, We could still work without that software, But why is it that when it's part of what you do, even if it's not that important, It feels like one of your leg has been cut off? It's like, It's your everyday routine then it's gone. Aaaargh, I just don't feel like i did well yesterday, and I hate it.
  • I still don't know what to wear later.

Yeah, so that's all. Hahaha. The bullet part is so random I just want to squeeze it in because it's in my head. lol. Anyways, You guys have a good weekend, yeah? Kisses!

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