Saturday, August 24, 2013

My favorite meal of the day with my two most favorite boys.

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day, Maybe it's with the foods normally served during breakfast like eggs, longganissa, hot chocolate, coffee, etc. Anyhoos, last night Adam asked me to wake him up early so we could eat out. He said he's craving for pizza (Yes, I know, he's such a pig, well who craves for pizza for breakfast?), And since Jollibee owns and shares the same place as Greenwich here in Meralco, Marikina, and Brhent likes to eat at Jollibee, Why not we eat breakfast there while he gets to have pizza from Greenwich. So yeah, I woke him up, and went to Jollibee. Ahhh, The joy of spending my most favorite meal of the day with my 2 most favorite boys :) Heaven, Just Heaven.

Photobombing while Brhent is busy eating his forever favorite Chicken Joy and I'm waiting for my food. / Very busy little man eating his Chicken Joy / My boys / Oh no baby, that ain't soup, that's gravy, lol / And my favorite breakfast meal in Jollibee.

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