Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Change.. Change.. Change.. This is my brain and my spirit's word of the day. After 234123123 months in the morning shift, I'm now back on being a vampire. I knew this would be happening because of a very bad attendance for the month, but aaaaah, it still did hit me in the head big time. Being little miss sunshine, I still am looking on the brighter side of things. Night shift means no traffic, means more calls (More chance of being the monster caller and getting $$$), being with my girlfriends (hello ria, emma, aira, earl, japz) and hmm, and no more running like a zombie (Just like in World War Z) just to ride a jeepney from Rosario going to Strata! (Hello fellow Crossing/JRC commuters, binabati ko kayo!) And while searching for quotes about change, I found this quote that really made me feel a bit better.

In my case, I accepted the schedule given to me because that's part of my job. Working on a BPO world means fucked up schedules, accepting the job means accepting the crazy ass shifting schedules. Plus, I know that this is what I deserve after having such a bad attendance. I accepted the change because I deserve it and I can't do nothing about it

 Next month, I don't want to be put on a schedule that I don't like, and since I have the option to choose a schedule, given that I have a good attendance, then I would change myself. My goal? Do my best at work everyday, Be at work everyday, and always be on time. Kaya ko to! Like what Brhent always says, "I can do it, I can make it!"


- Change isn't always negative. For me, it actually is more of a positive thing. Change for me is a wake up call. If something changes, it's because of something, knowing what that something is, whether it's negative or positive makes you feel aware of what to do next. It makes you think of a Goal. If things changed for the better, then your goal is to do whatever your doing now, or be better, because whatever you're doing brings up that good change. And if things are changing for the worst, then that means that what you're doing now might not be good or isn't enough, so the goal is to think of other ways to be better. Kuha nyo ba? O ang gulo ko na? lol.

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