Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday's over!

So everyone's ass is back to normal now, Bye Holiday season. Bye Fantasy and back to reality. Most might have went back to work either with hangover or with diarrhea, lol. Me, I'll be back to work by 11pm, MNL time.. And I am spending the last 9 hours of my holiday break browsing the world wide web. I missed this. I've been stuck on browsing just facebook, Instagram, twitter and Pinterest on my Android Phone. Haven't used my desktop for quite some time now, and I haven't even read my favorite blog yet 'til now! So yeah, Browsed and back read my favorite blogs and was inspired to go back to my art and DIY world. Her latest post was about her DIY: 2013 Daily Planner, was really inspired and I am planning to create my very own daily planner inspired by iheartorganizing.blogspot.com! Would be making one because I was so disappointed with my current planner's paper, It's too rough and is affecting my handwriting! Boo. So yeah, I should get my ass back to reality and be a mother of my very makulit 3 year old and be a wife to my sick hubby to be ;) I should rest after for I need to be in shape for work at night! :)

A drawing i created @ the office months ago because I'm bored.

Mind leaving a comment of how your Holiday break was?
love love!

---- KISH


  1. ate kish.. panu nyo po yan ginagawa as in ung prang cover nyo po? paturo nman poh..

  2. edit mo lang yung layout yung banner lng ang iniba ko jan :)