Thursday, April 25, 2013

Restday, Day 1. Success!

Hi Readers! I guess you guys know the reason on why I haven't been posting anything on my blog lately! :) And hooray for today is my rest day! So no work! More time for my WWW life! :) Anyways, The first day of my rest day has been very productive. Have done a lot of things. I slept early last night and woke up early today. Started my day by fixing the layout of my blog, Cleaned the room then did the laundry. Now, I'm just spending the rest of the night with my little one.

I don't like to just Bum around during my restday. Ewan, I just feel like if you've not been productive the whole 2 days, Time seems to past by, and next thing you know, You have work again. Yaaaaaah, I know that It's called "REST DAY" and that you're supposed to Rest or Relax, But for me, It's what you do after a long day of work. Who the hell wants to do the cleaning, the laundry, and the quality time after working for 9 hours, na-ah, not me. 

 Here's Something you could use to help you be productive ( Click on the picture and have it saved on your pc) . You could have it Printed, and use it to put in the things that you plan to do. You could put a check mark on the things that you've already done, So you won't forget important things. You could also rate your day if it has been productive. Of-course  you know if you were productive if you have done {most, or}  all of the things that are listed! :)

Here's a little tip of what i suggest that you do on a free day / Rest day:

1. Do the laundry, Clean/ Organize your dresser, Organize your school/work bag
Just so you won't have to do that on the day that you have work/school. Less hassle.

2. Shop for things you need.
Again, Just so you don't have to do that after work/school. Less hassle, More time to relax after a long day of thinking and commuting.

2. Read books / Watch your favorite series / Bond with the family
Just because it's REST DAY. :)

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