Wednesday, June 26, 2013



Ever since i was a little girl, I always wanted to look presentable. I always look at magazines wishing i could dress up like them. I can but I wasn't confident that I would pull it off, then i met RIA :)

 Give her any clothes you want and she'd definitely pull it off. One thing i like about her is her attitude. I find me in her. NOT PHYSICALLY THOUGH, Because she is gorgeous,and I'm just.. Umm.. Cute? Hahahahahaha. So yeah, Going back on my own litol story, She taught me to be confident on whatever I wear, and I would be able to pull it off. It's just now that I enjoy dressing up, thanks to her! :D
We work in the same company but different shift. Her shift starts when I end mine, so bohooo. :( 

Our company is not that strict with the clothes we wear, Before, Everyday is dress up day, We can wear anything we want to. But Now, we were asked to dress up in business casual on weekdays and wear anything we want to during weekends.

I don't know if this is business casual but these are my version of Business Casual. Hahahaha. I'm trying to look for work outfits because I don't want to be wearing the same clothes over and over and over again  (Cartoon lang? lol) and for me to have an idea what else to wear, And these are what I found on pinterest:

I just can't see myself looking so formal, It's just so not me, and these clothes looks cute but can be called smart :) Let's just not be stucked on black and white and too formal, sometimes it's nice to play with colors, It's like being formal and young at the same time, yeah? 

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