Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glad to be Globe Story: If there's a will, there's a way..

Sometimes, when you're not with the people you love, it makes you feel worried. You don't know if they have eaten, don't know where they are, what they're doing and who's with them. Thank God for technology. To hear their voice when they call makes gives you a virtual hug that tells you to calm down. A Text message gives you a virtual touch that tells you that they're thinking of you too. But what happens when they have the phone but doesn't have a load? Uh-Oh.

August of 2012

Just resigned from my old job and is working as a wedding coordinator for Events on Demand. I volunteered  to man our space for a Bridal Fair. That same night, It rained so hard. My boss was supposed to drop me off at Riverbanks Mall but it's just raining so he thought of dropping me off at our house since it's just 15 mins away. There weren't any jeepneys and noticed that the cars are all doing U-Turns. To my surprise, our street was flooded. Decided to just walk my way through our house. 

The next day, It's still raining, and anytime the flood would go inside the house. Wow, just wow. There's still electricity, So what I did was I charged my phone because I know that my Aunt would call me non stop, and It might just drain my phone. 

That same night, the flood entered the house. And as expected my aunt is also invading my phone through text message. And uh-oh, Can't reply because I don't have load. No one can even go out of the house because it's too dangerous. It's dark and is flooded, I bet the stores are all closed.

The phone still beeps, my Aunt's aren't calling but is bombarding me with text messages, about the news, forwarding tweets about the typhoon, and yes, she's now mad. Mad because she's worried and I haven't texted. They know how bad it is when it rains here. I'm trying not to mind her text messages and was just browsing messages I have on my phone. Trying to keep my mind off the guilt, because I want to text her so bad but I can't -___-, then I saw a message from Globe that I might have read but didn't mind before.

So I did followed the instruction. Texted my Aunt. Told her that I'm okay and that I don't have load and that the stores are closed,  and that I just registered on Globe Emergency text. and tadaaaaaah, she ain't mad anymore :)

This is just something that I want to share. I know that if you really want something, you would do all the possible things just to get in touch with your love ones, But I can't just risk my life or Adam's life by going outside in the middle of the night just to find a store and buy a load! -__- So yeah, let me tweak the quote: " IF THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY.. -- and if  the way is flooded, Check your inbox for globe's promos and be surprised that GLOBE ALREADY FOUND A WAY! :D

This is my Glad to be Globe Story. It might not be to ma drama or ma Action, but  you guys might find this promo useful too! Just wanted to thank Globe for finding ways and for making ways possible! Too sad that I lost my phone, but would still choose to be with globe once I'll be able to buy myself a new phone.. Kasi nga it's True that SA GLOBE, LAHAT POSIBLE! :)

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