Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm still up and I don't know why. Sleep hasn't been visiting me on the normal time people sleep lately. blame it on these measles and bed rest, add that the boyfriend is very much addicted on playing ran and I'm trying to keep up by staying late. Besides on typing this very random post, I'm also watching As Told by Ginger. Been following this cartoon series since I was a kiddo, back when I was still addicted to Nickelodeon which is like Ages ago. I like that It's not so childish and how It teaches about lessons in life. It talks about family, friends and love which is very much my thing. I like how Ginger sees all of the positive things even after a very negative day. Again this is just a very short and is very random post. And it ends now, Goodnight/Goodmorning Everyone! :)


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