Monday, September 2, 2013

Oh, hello I'm a zombie panda.

This is just a short post in bullets before I start preparing for work.

  • Only slept for 4 hours because it's so hot. Welcome to the Philippines. Reason why i feel like a malnourished zombie panda.
  • Followed new mommy and art's and craft blog.
  • Not happy with my current blog layout. I find it too wide and too madumi. It ain't color coordinated. So expect that it would again be changed.
  • Feel so blessed, I won something from Globe, thanks to nuffnang.
  • Why is my shop still not open? Ah because I'm on night shift, and it's so fucking hard!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sorry for using the f word, I'm just too sleepy.

So I'm done. Just feel like sharing random shits going inside my brain, well don't complain, atleast there's still something in here. lol. Bye!