Tuesday, October 8, 2013



My September was really a blast. Thanks to Globe and to Nuffnang for making it extra special :). First week of September, they sent me an email saying that I'm one of the winners for the Glad to be Globe Story Blogger Contest. Then Just before September ends, I joined and won the Globe Go Bigger Movie Night contest :) Was really excited because I just find Runner Runner's trailer awesome, the boyfriend (After watching the trailer) Was also excited (Which rarely happens) I thought this would also be a good post 87th Monthsarry Celebration, plus it would also be the first time that we'd attend a nuffnang event with friends, So, YEY!

OOTD: Beanie (Yel's,Gift from Baguio) | My Bestfriend's Cardigan | Striped Dress (Tucked) | DIY Maong Short | Black Socks, St. Francis | Platform Sneakers, Chyll / Riverbanks Branch

Hooray for having Gay Friends kasi you would never be bored. Charles and Jhang injured my jaw cause they're just uber funny, Hahaha. We were actually looking for a photobooth, I kinda got disappointed while waiting for our turn to get the tickets, cause all of the nuffnang events that I've been too, talagang may photobooth, Kaso I don't see anyone setting up a photobooth :( Then one of nuffnang's staff (Which is uber gwapo by the way) Handed us this card saying that we can take pictures, upload it on instagram and just put #GlobeGoBiggerMovieNight and they would have it printed *HOOOOOOOOOW COOOLLL IZZZ DAATTTT!!* haha. Good thing I was registered to SUPERSURF200 *Insert Happy Dance here*.

So yeah.. Going back.. The Movie was good. Would rate it 7 out of 10. Not a *OH MY GAHHHD, WOW!* but it's a *GOOD* movie. The story is a bit like '21', so yeah wasn't that impressed unlike Fast and the Furious 6 and Wizard of OZ but I wasn't disappointed too. It's something worth watching in the cinema if you haven't watched 21 yet. But if you've already seen 21, then just watch it at home on DVD. 

Congratulations to all the winners, to Nuffnang and to Globe for having such a fun and well organized event! Hoping for more movie premiers for this month! 

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