Saturday, November 9, 2013

Brown X Black

I have this strong relationship with colors. I love pastels and I like everything colorful. I remembered blogging about how I love wearing colorful clothes just because It matches my personality, and how I hate wearing dull colored clothes because It looks, uhhm, sad. But yeah, been browsing my ootd's and saw that I've been wearing less colorful clothes lately.. And, I.. Like it more. hehe.

Thrifted Sweater / Black Skirt / Socks / High-Cut Sneakers

Dress (Thrifted)  / Black Pants (Thrifted) / Brown Flats (St. Francis)
So yeah, that egyptian printed top above is a dress. Had it tucked just because I don't know what shoes to wear if I'd wear it as a dress since as you all know, I only have 2 pairs of girly girl shoes, and the rest, are all weird and isn't bagay with dresses, lol.

Dress (Thrifted)  / Leggings (SM Dept. Store)  / Black Boots (Riverbanks, Marikina)

I like it because it looks more matured, Well, If i can't wear shoes that people my age wear then I'll just wear the colors people my age likes :) And i feel that Black x Brown looks decent and formal, and would make my not so business casual clothes more office appropriate. ;)

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