Thursday, November 14, 2013

Marikina Riverbanks: Dampa, Perya, and Tiangge.

This place is very special for me and Adam. This is where Adam and I go when we were just boyfriends girlfriends. This is where we broke up, our hang out place when we got back together, our weekend date place when i was pregnant, and where we went before we told my family that I'm pregnant. We rarely go to this place anymore. And it's nice to be back!

Last Saturday, My friends / Bitches / Colleagues and I decided to eat at Dampa. What is Dampa? It's heaven for people who loves eating. 

You pick the kind and quantity of the fresh seafood, pay at the fish stall (which sometimes sell pork belly and other meats, as well as other fresh products then instruct the personnel how you want the food cooked.

Japz is craving for seafood and so do I, we ordered pusit, shrimp and tahong. Adam and Aira isn't into seafoods so they ordered barbecues, liempo and chicken. It was a lot for 600 pesos! Sulit na Sulit for food lovers! What i love with the dampa here in Marikina is that you won't pay per kilo (unlike other dampa where you would spend a thousand bucks for a shrimp cooked in different ways) you pay per order / per viand which is already good for 2-3 person. 

and because Christmas is coming,


There's dampa, tiangge and perya. I feel like a kid again! After eating we went around the park, screamed our lungs out while riding that freaking OCTOPUS. I really am not into riding this type of shit just because I'm afraid of heights, but yeah, I did just because I love my friends so much. But i won't - ever - ride Ferris wheel, ever again! So I'll just take a picture of it. lol. 

 It's a fun - fun - FUN day! Let's do this again, yeah?

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