Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Everyone that knows me knows that my favorite meal of the day is "Breakfast". I can eat pancakes, cereals, tapsilog, tocilog or whatever 'silog' the whole day and never ako mag sasawa. I really want to go to Ihop but it's too far, then i heard of 'Kanto Freestyle breakfast' from my colleague. Last Monday we went to their newly opened branch near our office (in Pioneer). We walked around ace water spa since sabi nga nila it's just near it lang. We got lost but pero "never say never" ang peg namin for the day, tapos yun, we found it. The place is so cute. It's like a house with a garage and an open gate. Parang gotohan lang. The staff were uber nice, they were friendly. Before we sat, one of the staff said "Hello ma'am, Good morning" It was around 5 thity-ish in the afternoon, so I smiled and said "Wow ate, Good morning!" (Though i know na that's because they're offering breakfast kaya goodmorning pero still, jinoke ko parin si ate, just because i am kish, haha) Then she explained "Maam kasi po breakfast po yung sineserve namin" in a very friendly manner, so para di sya mapahiya na alam ko naman, I just said "Ay cute!" then she gave us the menu. I ordered pancakes with bacon and eggs, i forgot what my colleagues ordered pero they ordered rice. We waited for around 15 mins-ish. We even did a follow up, kasi nga it's getting dark and we're all tired. It took long lang because of the plating, and maaaaaaaaaan, it's worth the wait.


I know, I know i did not ordered something unique. Pancakes lang sya with egg and bacon, pero I love pancakes. For 90 bucks, it's really something, compared to Mcdo/Jollibee. Sobrang bigat sa tummy. Even my colleagues were really satisfied, Okay lang that we waited for 15 minutes. They said that the garlic rice is really really yummy. We'd go back so we can try other foods. And I can't really wait to go back there. Kuya staff told us that every Morning it's really jam packed. The place is just small with 10-15 tables lang (or less) and it get's full daw around 7am. Also every Friday night. Their Kapitolyo branch is not open 24/7 yet, they said that they open at 7am til 12 midnight and they don't have deliveries pa unlike with the other branches. They would have a branch soon at Marikina sabe ni ate staff by March, and I really can't wait to bring my son and adam there! Yey! Happy tummy is happy!

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