Wednesday, March 12, 2014

OOTD x REALIZATION : Preventing Burnout

Someone once asked me "Ano ginagawa mo para di ka ma burnout?", And OMG, that's just like one of the hardest thing to answer. It's like being asked "Why do you love him?". It's just unexplainable.

Work is just like everyone else's Love life. There are times when you're happy and times that you get sad. There would always be times that you just want to end it because you're tired or fed up. But it's something you can't just let go in a snap, specially if you're really inlove. Kasi if you would just let go, there's a big chance that you won't get it back.

So going back to the question, here's what I have to say:
1. You won't be burnout if you love what you're doing, If you don't love it, get out.
2. You might love what you're doing but you might be over doing everything. Take things slowly but surely.
3. Ask yourself why are you there, Who or What was your motivation, then think.

I am working for my child. I am working because I want to have things without asking anyone for money. I work because if I won't, where would I be, or my family be, and Last, I stayed for more than a year, so I think I am here, and would stay here because I am inlove with what I'm doing :)

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