Saturday, January 11, 2014


One of our company's new rule is for us to dress up in business formal every Monday, to dress up in business casual from Tuesday and Wednesdays and dress down from Thursday - Sunday. I am honestly not a fan of wearing anything formal because a) I am not comfortable b) I commute for 2  hours max to work, I ride 2 jeepneys so no no no no no. But yeah, no one would want to break those simple rules, specially if it's just because of those reason. Anyhoos, what i'm gonna do from now on is to compile my ootd's for the week and put it in this blog. :) You can follow me on instagram (@exkishmepls)  for your daily dose of my ootd's and selfies, lol. So hello! This would be What Kish Wore, Week 1 for 2k14.

DAY 1:
Long sleeves (Thrifted), Khaki Pants (Bazaar), Flats (Solemate, SM Department Store)


DAY 2:
Top (Crissa Jeans), Skirt (Thrifted), Flats (Solemate, SM Department Store)

DAY 3:
Long sleeves (Thrifted), Pants (Bazaar), Flats (Solemate, SM Department Store)

DAY 4:
Dress (Thrifted),  High Cut Shoes (From a Korean Shoe Store @ Riverbanks Mall)

DAY 5:
Dress (Thrifted),  Sneaker Wedge (From a Korean Shoe Store @St Francis Square)

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