Tuesday, March 18, 2014

OOTD: Boyish Chic

When I was young, my father would always tell everyone that I am 'tomboy' (Lesbian) Just because I am not maarte, I have alot of Boy - friends, and I play games that boys play. I am not into heels (Although I am guilty of wanting to have those flatform shoes that Spice Girls wears!) and I own alot of rubber shoes when I was a child. Then, 20 plus years later --- Here I am, a mom, and not a lesbian, but still doesn't know how to walk when occasions asks me to wear heels. I still own a lot of sneakers, (but thank you lord of shoes for creating sneakers with hidden wedges), And I am still not pa girl.

Though I have the learned the art of wearing skirts (Pants are so happy that they can finally rest most of the time), I still make sure that If I wear a skirt, It won't still look very much pa girl, because It's just not meeeeeee!. Lol. Above is a picture of what I wore at work last March 14. It's a dress down day at the office, that means we're allowed to wear casual clothes.

What I Wore:
Skull printed shirt: Thrifted, Visit Love 624 for unique thrifted finds
Khaki Pants: Bazaar at St. Francis Square, Ortigas
Black sneaker boots: NYX, Marikina Riverbanks Mall Branch

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