Wednesday, April 30, 2014

04302014: The one that got away.

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It's funny how you find how small the world is when you find out that the person close to you knows a newly found friend, or an enemy or a family. It's always nice when you bump into someone you haven't seen in a while. 

Boy deactivated his facebook. He likes this Girl. Girl knows the boy. They rode the same jeepney. Boy activated his facebook, and asked for the Girl's number. They texted. They went out. Now they are together. And Boy is mad in love with the Girl.

They are no strangers to me, though I haven't met the Girl yet.
I am a half stranger to the Boy.
And I am a total stranger to the Girl.

The boy lives nearby.
Met him once.
Haven't seen him after that.

There's this Girl, Who I hate so much.
I was betrayed - Hurt - Mad.
Saw her once - I am still mad.
Haven't seen her in a while.

This close friend of mine. Was hurt. Was betrayed by the Boy she loved so much. He chose the Girl over her. He left. She left. She was badly hurt. The boy lives nearby. 'Twas 2 years ago, but she has not, seen them together. 

Amazing how God knows who you need to see again and who needs to get out of your mind and your eyes and your life. Maybe in God's time you'd see those people that you don't wish to see now. To catch up, To say your Hi's and Hello's, For closure or just for proof that you are not -- at all affected with whatever happened.. That you don't care.. Not anymore.

What I wore:
Hooded Top -  Thirfted
Leggings - St. Francis Square
Shoes - NXY

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